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By applying our specialized assessment tools, we would evaluate all the possible ways to meet customer’s expectation and make flex adjustment according to customer’s new demands. We are persisting on innovative solution to help customer quickly enhance their industry competitiveness.

Customer Requirement

  • Fully comprehend customer’s product appeals, configurations and marketing channels.

Solution Communication

  • Based on Product Orientation for project planning.

Design Development

  • Based on customer’s understanding of the external market and KENXEN’s professional design ability, after received the Product Requirement Document, we will present you with an innovative and desirable product proposal.

Product Design Evaluation

  • Our professional evaluation for the Mechanical, Hardware and Software feasibility, along with the comprehensive discussion and relevant detail improvements, KENXEN are striving to provide you the best option.

Mock-up Design

  • Mock-up design will be provided, after mutual confirmation in design and specification.

Prototype Test

  • We would try our best to provide customer the fully mature product with thorough and strictly tests, varying from the fuselage test, Lens inspection to thermal testing and so on.
  • After customer’s validation of the sample, we would provide the relevant testing files with best performance to customer.
  • To ensure the Safety and environmental-friendly of the mass production product in the future.

Mass Production

  • The product can go to the Mass Production Phase only if all the above stages have been approved to pass.

Completion and Inspection

  • Production inspection and testing


  • Packaging, Shipment and Delivery

Product Services

  • Besides the timely maintenance analyses and replacement services, we are trying our best to flexibly strength the product function according to the market feedback.

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Applied with DOD (Design-on-Demand), we are taking all our effort to help customer quickly catch the rapid changing market, provide whole-set project solution from project design to continuously management analysis with holistic care.


  • Salty spray tester
  • High low temperature tester
  • Vibration
  • Waterproof tester
  • Drop tester
  • PIR tester
  • PIR test in process

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